The Ziron Programming Language

Posted on September 15, 2011 at 17:58 (GMT +00:00)
[photo=10 right 300x500]On the 18th of March 2011, OverHertz began developing a new low level programming language, code named "Ziron".

After several days work the initial beta was delivered to our beta testers and after a month of testing and bug fixing, the compiler left beta stage and became ready for usage on real-time projects. It became apparent that Ziron needed a web presence, the Code:Ziron website went online around 1 month after the initial beta release.

[quote]"Ziron is a mixed high and low level programming language; but unlike other high level compilers, Ziron directly assembles the high level code into machine code. Ziron is intended to allow advanced programmers to write highly optimized code, but also for new and beginners to take a step into the world of assembly programming without the worry of a low level syntax."[/quote]

For the latest information relating to our project Ziron, please visit the website and join the forums. We are looking for more capable testers and programmers that are willing to produce small programs and write sample codes to post on the Code Ziron website. If you feel fit this position, please register and contact us via the Code:Ziron website.

Website: [url][/url]