Bespoke software development

Bespoke software development

Our development team use our own custom software development methodology "P3DT", which we will take you through now.


Before jumping into designing and developing software, it is always best to plan out your software. We at OverHertz believe that you should think big, but start small. Thus following our beliefs, we will always advise to plan your software to be as basic as possible whilst leaving options available for further development. Our job is to help you plan your software step by step.


Now that we have an understanding of what your software's goals are, we can begin to draw a concept for your personal software.
Once we have an idea how it could look, we will present the ideas/concepts to you to validate or request enhancements to the design to further fit your needs.


At this point we're ready to enter the development stage. The development of the application is the most important part of your software. This is the heart; it gives life to your design and ideas. In many cases the development is the most time consuming. We can and will provide you with prototypes along with development, to give you a feel to your new software.


OK, so you have your new personal to use it, you say?
As an extra service we can plan and write up an extensive documentation on your software, giving you step by step guides for installing, configuring and using your software efficiently.


Training for your clients or employees can be the key to success, especially if you need to implement the software into your business as soon as possible. We can provide the essential training via private tutoring or even on-site at the workplace.


Having a piece of software developed can be beneficial to you, your staff, or even your clients. Our team can bring you useful, innovative applications that will meet your needs without the worry of repeating license costs of other commercial software available for purchase.
If you are planning to use our services, we will be looking forward to work with you and your company, and to thank you for your choice.